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Content Crafting allows the GM to create dynamic content for the table, like NPC, monsters, character's skills, etc.

How to create NPC, Monsters, etc.

Managing and creating crafts is done throught the Content Crafting dock :


In the lower end of the dock, you can choose what kind of craft you want to create. In order to do so, simply select the type then click on the small validation icon, and your new craft will open up !


Available options for crafting are dependent of the system you use, meaning which game you choose for your table. As an example the options available for Dungeons & Dragons 5 are not the same as for other games.

Content with Token

Some crafts can have tokens, like NPCs or Monsters. Those crafts have an icon on the right, in the crafts list. Simply drag'n drop the craft on the scene to add the token, which will behave like any other token.

Content linked to character sheets

Some other crafts like weapons or skills can be copied on a character sheet. For example in Dungeons & Dragons 5, it is possible to craft a spell, then you or one of your players can drag'n drop it on a character sheet to add the spell to the character's spell list. Those crafts are easily reconizable thanks to the blue button under the craft: Drag'n Drop this craft to a character sheet*. Simply click and maintain this button to be able to move the craft to a sheet. The target sheet should then highlight with an orange border, allowing you to drop the craft which will copy the data to it.