Fog of war

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Fog of War is a tool used to easily reveal a zone steps by steps (like the rooms of a dungeon). The areas not revealed by the GM are not visible to the players.

Enable Fog of War

In the Scene dock, find the cog on the right of the name of your scene and click it. The options for the scene will show up, and inside them you should find an option Fog of War. Click on the checkbox to enable it.

Reveal of hide zones

Once the fog of war is enabled on the scene, it is totally hidden. A new dock, "Fog of War" should have appeared, which contains several tools.


The first three tools allow you to reveal zones:

  • By polygon: click on each angle you want to create, then double-click to close the shape and reveal the zone
  • By rectangle: press down the mouse button to start to draw the zone, and release the button to reveal
  • "All" allows you to display the whole scene

The 3 tools located in Hide work in the exact same way, but are used to hide zones instead of revealing them.