How to start as a GM

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Create a new table

In order to create a new table, click on the My Tables tab on the website, then click on Create a new Table. If you cannot find the game system you wish to play in the list, take a look at the community systems, where you will be able to find game systems created by the community and add them to your list of systems.

Invite your players

Once your table is created, you can click on its title in the tables list to display additional information. You will find a box Invite friends there, with a link that you can give to the people you want to invite. By clicking on this link, your friends will be able to join your table.


To join your table as GM, click on Play Now in the tables list, then on Join as the Game Master which will appear in a banner above the character list.

First scene.png

Add images on the scene

In order to create your first scene, find the Scene dock on the screen, then click on Media Manager.

Use a map by a partner

In the Media Manager, click on the Partners Content tab on the left. Choose a map that you like, and drag'n drop it on the white background of the scene. The picture should appear in the background. You can now close the Media Manager and right-click on the picture, and click on Adapt Scene to Image. Congratulations, your first scene is ready!

Upload a map

If you have already a map that you wish to use, click on Click here to upload media and browse your hard drive to find the map. Once the picture is selected, it will be automatically uploaded and should appear as a thumbnail in the media list. Drag'n drop this thumbnail on the white background of the scene, and the picture should appear full size on the scene. You can now close the Media Manager and right-click on the picture and then click on Adapt Scene to Image. Your scene with a custom background is ready!

New scene

Click "new scene" on the bottom left Scene Dock.


You can add a "new layer" on the bottom right of the Scene Dock. You can change your Layers order.

Layers property

You can click on the layer name to open their property window.

Layer property.png

Name field: Is the name diplayed on the scene dock

Visibile: If check it mean everything on this layer will be visible by the players and you (the GM)

Locked: If check it mean you can't move anything that lay on this layer

Tokens: If check it mean you can drag and drop token on this layer

GM only: If check it mean only you (the GM) can see what's on this layer.

Drawings: If check it mean you and your player are allowed to draw on this layer.

Then Click apply to save the property.

You can Delete the layer with "delete layer"

Scene Option

For more advance option, like the Fog of war, the scene dimensions, the grids and metric, etc. please check these dedicated page :