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Let's Role is allowing everyone to create game systems.


You are the owner of you systems and can choose the licence you want to apply to them.

What is a system ?

It is primarily the character sheet used by the players and the potential formulas to calculate stats or dice rolls, but a system can also includes the ability to do crafts (like NPCs, Monsters, Weapons, etc.).

How to create a new system ?

On the website, click on your username in the top right, then click on Content. Next, click on Systems. From there, click the Create A New System button. To begin designing your system you can drag buttons such as Row, Column, Container, etc., into the column on the left.

Systems sharing

Creating an awesome system is one thing, but sharing it with others is better! In your system, a box titled Share will give you a link you can share with others so they can play with your system. If you feel your system is ready to be shared with everyone do not hesitate to post it in Let's Role community forum under the corresponding category.

System Building

Building a system is a complex topic, with its own documentation here. Enjoy!

A demo system is available to present the creation of a system.
DnD5 system is available too.