How to start as a player

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Create a new character

In order to create a new character, hit the My Characters tab at the very top of the main menu, then click on Create a new character. You will need to give your character a name, and choose the game system you want to use. Be aware that you need the Game system of the character to be the same as the Table you want to join with this character.

At the moment there is only a few officially supported game systems at your disposal, but you can find a lot more in the dedicated community section :

If you find a game system you want to use, click the access link (which would be an URL like, then press Add to my systems. This will allow you to create a character using this system.

Character sheet

You can access your character sheet directly and will be able to fill it without joining any table yet.

Change a character's name

In order to change your character's name click the small editing icon next to the character's name .

Change skin

You can choose among various skins sheet by using the Skin menu on the top right of your character sheet.

Share a character

If you want to share your character, you can generate a public link, accessible through the Options > Share menu in the top right of your sheet. This public link can be revoked at any time. Someone with this link will not be able to edit your character, but will be granted read access and be able to clone it in their own character library.

Clone a character

You will sometime find useful to create a copy of a character. This can be achieved by using the Options > Clone function, and assigning a new name to the copy. Clones are completely separated characters, meaning that you can edit one without modifying the other.

Retire a character

If you do not use your character anymore (e.g. your campaign has ended), you can let them rest by selecting Options > Retire.

Join a table

Your GM will send you a link looking like this : By clicking on it, you will be able to join the table and select your character. Once done, this table will start to appear in your Tables list.

Tables list

By going in My Tables tab, you'll get to see every table you joined so far. You can add one to your favorites by clicking on the star next to its name and see information such as how many players are currently connected, the game system used or the GM name. Hit the Play now button to connect to the table and start playing.

Player interface

When connecting to the table, you should see a white screen or background image, and several docks. Those are interface elements having each a specific use.

Interface player 2.jpg

1. Character list

On the very left of your screen you will find the character list. If the associated player is online, there will be a green dot next to their name. You can open or close avatars by clicking on the character's name. To access your character sheet, click your own avatar.

2. Rulers

3. Journal

The journal enables you to write notes. You can create your own entries by clicking New entry on the bottom. By default, your document will only be yours to see or edit, but you can share it with the other players or tables by using share option on the left of the entry window.

4. Chat

You can discuss with the other players and GM through the chat panel. You can also use it to roll dice.

5. SFX

6. Turn Order

7. Dice Log

Every dice roll made at the table is stored here. You can minimize each roll or see their detail by clicking on the roll name.

8. Music

9. Drawings

10. Content Crafting

11. Quickbar

12. Quickbar Icon

13. Character sheet

14. Scene & Scene control