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The journal is a document management system where you can write documents, organise them and share them with your players.

Create a document

You can create new elements in your journal by clicking on the + New entry button. When doing so, you will get a popup window with several fields to fill.


A standard document has a title, optional tags and content.

The content editor allows you to format and structure your document by adding titles, bold text, inserting videos and much more.

Searching for a document

When your journal is filled with documents, the search functionality will allow to quickly find what you're looking for. Write in the search field what you are looking for and the matching documents will be displayed. We use a powerful search engine which searches for matches inside titles, tags and content of documents, even if your search text is only partial (e.g. tiam will displayed all documents with the word Tiamat).

Sharing documents

You can share documents with all your party or with one or more specific players. Furthermore, you can specify if the players can edit the document or not. In order to achieve that, once your document is opened, click on the share button on the left of the window, you will then be able to choose which table or which player will have access to this document. If you share this document, a message will be sent in the chat to every player involved to notify them.

Quick share

The show to everyone button, only available to the GM, allow to share the document in read only mode with the table on a single click and will display it on everyone's screen via a popup window.

Send a PDF

You can upload PDFs, up to 32MB, by clicking on the Upload a PDF button in the journal's panel. A new document will be created with the PDF displayed in place of the content area. Note that if the PDF contains a form (such as a editable character sheet), modifications made within the PDF will not be saved in Let's Role's cloud, and other players will therefore not be able able to see those changes either.

Organise your Journal

You can create folders to organise all your documents. Just click on the New folder button on the journal's panel. It is possible to create sub folders as well. Once in a folder you will be able to rename it, move it, or delete it by clicking on the cog icon on the right side of the folder's name.

Documents in several tables

By default, a document is linked to the table it was created in. But you can access all your documents of all your tables by switching the This table button to All tables, which will allow you to share a document from another table with the players of your current table.