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Via your character sheet

Most of character sheets include the roll dice functionality. You can click on a text or a button to see your dice roll automatically!

Via the chat

You can also roll dice through the chat by typing /r formula. The formula is based on our roll syntax which you can test here.

A few examples:

  • /r 3d6
  • /r 1D100>55
  • /r keeph(2d20)

There are several commands you can use to roll dice:

  • /roll (or /r) will throw dice visible to anyone
  • /gmroll (or /gr) will throw dice only visible to you and the GM
  • /gmonlyroll (or /gor) will throw dice only visible to the GM (not even yourself)

Using references within rolls

You can add references to some elements from your character sheet within a roll by using @. For example:

  • /r 1d20 + @str_mod