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Scene configuration

To change the configuration of a scene, click on the cog on the right of the name of scene, in the Scene dock:


Scene parameters.png


This is the name of your scene, so you can find it easily in the Scene Browser.


This are the width and height of the scene in pixels. If you use the option Adapt Scene to Image on an image, those values will be updated according to the size of the image you used as background.

Background color

You can choose the background color (default: white).


By enabling this option, a grid will be displayed on top of the scene. Grids are particularly useful in tactical combat.


There are two types of grids, either squared or hexagonal. Most of the time, the grid type will depend on the system.


If you enable this option, tokens and other scenes elements will snap to the grid.

Color, Opacity

Color and opacity of the grid.


The size, in pixels, of the grid. Warning: if you decrease too much this value, there is a possibility than the grid will not cover the whole scene anymore, for performance reasons.

Fog of War

Check this option to enable fog of war.


Metrics are mainly used in combination with rulers. Define how many base units (in cases, or pixels if the grid is disabled) are equals to how many distance units.

Play when loading

You can choose a music playlist that will play when the players enter the scene.