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Tokens represent entities on the scene, like characters or monsters.

Add a token to the scene

  • For characters, drag'n drop the avatar from the left coloumn to the scene
  • For crafts, drag'n drop the craft from the Content Crafting dock to the scene

Tokens options

By right clicking on a token, several options will be available:


Open character sheet

By double-clicking on the token, or by clicking on Character sheet, you will be able to open the sheet linked to the token (if you are authorized to do so by your GM).



By clicking on Bars, you can configure bars around the token. Usually, bars represent resources linked to the token, like hit points or mana points.

You can add up to 2 bars to each token. To add a bar, check Enabled and give a value, a maximum, and a color to the bar. When clicking on Save & apply, the bar will appear on your token.

You can edit the value directly by clicking on the number in the bar, then pressing "Enter".

Connected bars

On some systems, you can choose to connect a bar to an attribute on your character sheet. The value and maximum are automatically computed, and editing the value of the bar will also update the character sheet.



An aura display a curved text that rotate around the token. Auras are usefull to mark a status, like "Poisoned" or "Hurt".

Give control

Like any other scene entity, the GM can give the control of the token to another player, that will be able to move and resize the token.

Add to Turn Order

By clicking on Add to turn order, the GM can create a new entry in the turn order for this token.