Let's Role is a browser-based web application designed for playing TableTop RPGs online with your friends. Let's Role is free, has been created by a team of passionate people and use the latest web technology to bring an easy-to-use website as well as powerful features.

Right now Let's Role is currently in Closed Alpha and you can register here only if you have participated in the crowdfunding (finished since early March) of the project up to a minimum of €30, then it is necessary link your Let's Role account to your Kickstarter account here, and your account will be fully operational. The next step is to finalize and then switch to the beta version and registrations will then be reopened for free.

To learn more about Let's Role, check out our website, and our manifesto.

You will find in this wiki all the documentation needed to start on Let's Role and learn how to take advantage of all the features of the app!

If you want to edit this wiki, please read the page How to use this wiki?

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